• St Albans Brigade has been operating in the Macdonald River valley since 1974, protecting lives and property and helping the Community prepare for and deal with fire and flood events.

  • The Brigade is made up of volunteers who wish to give something back to the community, help their neighbours and friends and generally work towards a safer environment for all.

  • Community Events

    St Albans Brigade engages with the local community throughout the year, hosting or assisting with special events to celebrate our beautiful valley.

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  • Fire Station Tour

    During the fire season, St Albans Station is open and manned most Saturdays for call outs and training.  Rostered volunteer crews are available each weekend, even if they are not at the Station.  During the week, emergency calls are broadcast to all volunteer members.

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  • Disaster Preparedness

    The Brigade has a lot of information regarding preparing your property and animals for the fire season.  The annual "Get Ready" campaign ensures that the latest advice and guidelines are available to all who need it.

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  • CPR / First Aid

    The Brigade is proud of the initiative of local community members who have organised placement of AEDs at various locations throughout the Valley.  These units and the certified first aiders of the Brigade give hope to the Community of keeping their loved ones safe.

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