• Having a good understanding of personal and property safety is an essential part of living.  There are many resources ton help provide information, guidelines and support.  As part of the RFS Emergency Service and a "First Responder" in our valley, the St Albans Brigade takes very seriously it's obligations in serving the local community.

  • We are constantly looking at expanding our membership and the skills and expertise of all members.  Constant updating of certifications is an important part of volunteering in this regard.  The Brigade can offer advice on where and how this can be achieved by members.

  • 000 - EMERGENCY

    In Australia, dialling 000 will connect you with our national emergency hotline.  Mobile phones will achieve the same connection with 112.

    The operator will ask whether you need the Police, Fire or Ambulance service.  If you ask for "Fire", this Service operator will ask for the address and then connect you with Fire and Rescue or the RFS.

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  • Home Fire Safety

    St Albans Brigade can assist with developing a Fire Plan, an Animal Safety Plan, an Evacuation Plan and being part of the Community Emergency Radio Network (CERN) developed by the Macdonald Valley Association for emergency situations.

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  • Summer Safety Tips

    During the fire season (normally 1st October to 31st March) everyone should monitor the daily Fire Danger Rating and be alert to any Extreme or Catastrophic ratings.  Any Total Fire Ban days must be strictly observed pending sizable fines and penalties.

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  • Water Safety & Survival

    Although not in the same class as Bondi Rescue,  the Brigade is always active during times of flooding in the Valley.  Coordination with SES, Police and Ambulance for support, supplies and evacuations is a high priority for the Brigade.

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  • Senior & Aging Adult Resources

    Along with the Macdonald Valley Association, St Albans Brigade takes an interest in the wellbeing and welfare of the senior and more vunerable members of our community.

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