• St Albans Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade is a First Response Emergency Service for St Albans and the surrounding communities of the Macdonald River Valley.  This includes responding to property fires, house fires, bush fires, motor vehicle accidents as well as search and rescue operations.

    Mitigation work (hazard reductions) to reduce fuel loads in the surrounding hills and valleys are an ongoing aspect of our purview.


  • Working with other RFS Brigades, Police, SES and NSW National Parks and Wildlife, members of the St Albans Brigade play a vital role in providing extensive local knowledge, logistical and communications skills in the planning and execution of activities undertaken by the various emergency services and other Government agencies.

  • Fire Suppression / Rescue

    St Albans Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade has a long history of hazard reductions and fire fighting in the Macdonald Valley.  Section 44 fires, when resources are brought in from throughout the Hawkesbury area, fire districts in NSW and even other states are well known to members.  St Albans Station has been used as a staging area and played host to hundreds of brigades and thousands of RFS members over the years.

    Macdonald Valley residents can attest to many occasions where the Brigade has effectively managed rescues of humans and stock in emergency situations.

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  • Fire Investigation

    Over the years, St Albans Brigade has attended many dwelling fires and out-of-control pile burns in the Valley and has assisted Fire Control in assessing the damage and determining the source or cause of the fire.

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  • Emergency Medical Services

    Brigade members are encouraged to obtain First Aid and CPR certification in order to be effective in emergency situations.  The Brigade has a long history of working with the NSW State Ambulance Service including Air Ambulance and Paramedic specialists.  St Albans Station has a dedicated First Aid room to assist with medical emergencies and can act as an evacuation centre when required.

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  • Special Operations Task Force

    St Albans has a history of contributing members and expertise to local search and rescue operations as well as greater NSW, interstate and even overseas fire emergencies.

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