• Working with officers from National Parks and Wildlife, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) as well as local Council, St Albans Brigade assists in the planning of mitigation work (hazard reductions) to reduce fuel loads in the surrounding hills and valleys.


  • St Albans Brigade is often called upon to assist property owners in planning and conducting property burns to reduce fuel loads as well as approved clearing and preparation of paddocks for planting.  Recent moves in fire fighting operations to study and implement indigenous methods of bush fire mitigation are being closely monitored by the Brigade.

  • Plan Submittal

    Applications for Pile burns or Property burns must be submitted to both local Council and the RFS.  Fire Permits for properties in the Valley can be applied for by contacting the St Albans Brigade.  The Hawkesbury City Council has an online application process under their Open Fire policy.

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  • Hazardous Material

    Storage or transport of hazardous materials must be brought to the attention of the Brigade.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local Council have strict rules in this regard.

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  • Forms, Applications and Requests

    Forms for fire related activities are available online through local Council and RFS websites.

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  • Standards and Specifications

    Residents and businesses must become familiar with legislative controls related to fire, including fire mitigation and fire prevention policies.  Your local Councils and RFS Brigades can assist in this regard.

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